We are here to help you be remembered and value the work you have done

We have been doing that for over 3 decades now. Over 850 graphic novels, hundreds of clients all over the world, in all fields and for all stories.

The most effective and new communication product, at no cost.

A new communication medium :

The daily marketing grail is to unearth a new communication format that reshuffles the deck in terms of product and company promotion, market penetration and competitive advantage. And here it is.

Your legacy in didactic, educational and entertaining format :

A drawing is worth 1000 words. Historical comics are THE most effective medium for telling a story. It leaves a lasting impression on the mind, room for the imagination, and enables the reader to identify with the characters or the story. Everything that has been achieved over so many years – the joys and difficulties, the confrontations, and successes – is made available to the reader. The gossip is rectified, the backstabbing rebalanced, and the real story finally told.

Intergenerational transmission :

Tomorrow’s successes are rooted in those of the past. Tomorrow’s players are those who have dreamed by the yardstick of their parents’ history. It’s our duty to pass on this legacy to them.

Digital vector :

Design QR codes are inserted in the boxes that relate to an important moment in history and link to a choice of digital contents (best moments, press articles, historical interviews, etc.).

High Communication Strategy at no cost (immediately profitable through sales) :

The budget for the acquisition of the comic book costs nothing, as it is covered by sales of the same product.

Immediate ROI :

“Write a check to yourself” – Twice the buying effort

Fantastic merchandising product, gift or pure communication tool (press…) :

Alongside the usual goodies, this product stands out for its format and wealth of content. It becomes a star product alongside the others. An original, branded gift, it can be used to welcome and thank sponsors, partners and the press.

Personalize the comic for the club’s corporate partners :

Every club is the pride of its city, its university, its state, its country. By personalizing the first two pages of the comic strip, each partner company can communicate with its customers with a beautiful, original and useful gift. The Club becomes the vector of the ecosystem around its reputation, the economic commitment of its partners and its success.