November 2023 – Soccerex

So happy to be part of this amazing event with the French Team Export.
Please come and visit us, Booth 117!

November 2023 – NEW YORK

Freshly published for the Diocese of NY.
Full history of the Diocese for all schools and parishes.
A wonder !

october 2023 – Eiffel 2023

Proud to be partner of the Eiffel 2023 worldwide exhibition.
NY, Porto, Budapest, Paris, Nice… the amazing life of a monument builder across the world.
Biography G. Eiffel, Bertrand Lemoine.

march 2024 – San Antonio

Coming soon
50 years anniversary, 400 pages best of pictures.

nov. 2023 – Assises des départements

French fair for all departmental administrations to discover or admire their already published Graphic Historical Novel Books by Editions du Signe.

christmas 2024 – TULSA

Coming soon